It's been ages

hi again!

so it's been an incredibly long time since i last wrote here. i've been somewhat busy with fasting, and preparing myself to get a job. other than that, not much else changed except that i'm no longer in college. hopefully, i get to go back soon.

- E
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Happy 1st of Feb!

To the person that is reading my blog post for the first time: hello and welcome to my journal :).

pearlychoco will be the place where I'll be rambling (dare I say, venting?) my feelings about people in my Child Development program and what happens in my everyday life, which I believe is drama-filled since attending college in September of last year (2012). Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the people in my program, but they do boil my blood every chance they get whether it's intentional or on purpose. I only made 3 friends that I can be myself with while the other people (I need to stop saying people and start saying girls because EVERY SINGLE student in my program is a female) in the Child Development program either have the attitude of a young Jamaican female or girls who stick their noses up everyone's business and asses. I'll talk more about my program on my next blog (crossing my fingers and toes).

I'll try my hardest to post a blog regularly since it is February, the shortest month of the year. Anyways, enjoy your day to the fullest, folks!